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Genentech B9 Seismic Upgrades

Genentech Inc is in the process of implementing a substantial seismic upgrade program to all of it's facilities with the objective of protecting it's employees and reducing business interruptions in the event of nature disaster.

680 Folsom

Total renovation of an existing steel frame 12-story vacant office building with basement parking level and mechanical penthouse level. The total building area is approximately 550,000 square feet with floor infills at the first and second levels and the addition of two building floors.

State Bar Association

The seismic upgrade project at the State Bar building in San Francisco was a challenging job that mostly installed at night. The work paid off. The American Association of Structural Engineers notified General Contractor Turner Construction that the project has won the "2007 Best Seismic Upgrade Award".

Ghirardelli Square

This project is a complete retrofit project to the historic Ghirardelli Square building located at the San Francisco Wharf. Olson Steel handled the seismic upgrade and reinforcement to convert the building into Condos overlooking the Bay.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, a joint venture with WRNS Studio of San Francisco, the new building housing the Contemporary Jewish Museum is a 64,000 square foot steel structure on concrete that incorporates the beaux-arts fašade of the historic Jessie Street substation designed by Willis Polk in 1905.

San Francisco City Hall

A major seismic retrofit and modernization of San Francisco's national landmark Beaux Arts City Hall. The $300 million project was designed to preserve the historic nature of the 83-year-old building, while preventing damage of the type it suffered in the Loma Prieta earthquake on Oct 17, 1989.

Oakland City Hall

A major seismic retrofit and renovation of Oakland City Hall that was built in 1911 and is recognized as a national historical landmark. Our seismic upgrade included a massive structural steel and concrete shear wall bracing system throughout the building's 260 lineal feet and seismic base isolators in the foundation.

Asian Arts Museum

A complete seismic retrofit including a base isolation system and structural steel. Olson also provided miscellaneous metals, stair ramps and castings. In 2003, the Asian Art Museum began a new era with its move to San Francisco's Civic Center.


A major seismic retrofit and renovation of the headquarters building for the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) in Oakland.

Hastings Law School

A major retrofit and renovation of Mary Kay Kane Hall for the University of California. Olson installed 72 unbounded braces from Japan along with total structural retrofit of existing steel. We reworked the entire existing stair rail on three stairs and brought it up to code.