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Introduction to ConXtech

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Systemized approach to building processes

The company sells a standard set of manufactured Lower and Locking™ connectors and building components, enabling the mass-customization of a precise structural building frame or chassis to which other factory manufactured building modules can be added. When assembled into multi-bay, multi-story structures, the patented connection technology delivers a brace-free grid of Special Moment Frames (SMF), ideal for commercial, healthcare, military, high-density residential, data center, and educational applications as well as industrial structures for the oil and gas industry.

The ConX System reduces time and overall project costs when compared to conventional structures and brings a systemic change to the building process, enabling owners and developers to predictably build Faster, Better, Safer and Greener™.

ConXtech licenses its fabrication technologies, methods and processes to a growing network of certified fabricators and erectors.

Architectural Design

ConXtech's finite set of structural details simplifies Building Information Modeling (BIM), enabling a spatially accurate and aesthetically flexible ConX Digital Chassis to be created early in the design process.


  • Engineering with Proven Technology
  • Codified and Certified Technology

The ConXL™ SMF connection is codified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and published in AISC 358-10 Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications for use by structural engineers worldwide. It is also approved by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for use in California hospital facilities and the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for use in California schools. ConX is LA city (LABDS) approved and meets special detailing requirements for the most demanding seismic loading as well as the current U.S. Department of Defense anti-terrorism standards for blast and progressive collapse resistance.


  • ConXCAD®

ConXCAD is a digital toolset comprised of ConX connections, assemblies and processes that are built on top of common industry BIM platforms. ConXCAD makes it easier for owners, design teams and contractors to collaborate as they design, detail, and construct structures utilizing the ConX Chassis Based Modular™ steel framing system.

Typically, design and construction teams representing many different disciplines/companies, are each responsible for specific tasks within a project. ConXtech calls this the swarm. Each team has their preferred BIM application that suits their particular design or construction tasks. With ConXCAD, all project participants can design and deliver a ConX frame leveraging the IM software that they are most familiar with, yet still seamlessly exchange the applicable ConX geometry, terminology, and design information (data) between the different BIM applications. The data can also be used through the fabrication and construction phases of a project. By organizing around the ConX centric data rich digital chassis early on, the swarm can more accurately, collaboratively, and efficiently design and plan projects.


ConXtech's fabrication technologies and innovative fixturing enable steel fabricators to achieve unprecedented speed, precision and quality.

ConXtech employs Building Information Modeling (BIM) and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to achieve the dimensional tolerances needed for its ConX System to safely, quickly and easily assemble in the field.

Similar to the automotive industry, CNC milling, robotics, go-no-go fixturing and lean technologies and processes have been put in place in ConXtech's manufacturing facility to ensure precision, quality and cost efficiency.


Field assembly is significantly safer and faster compared to conventional steel erection due to ConXtech's factory assembled modules and revolutionary lower and locking connections.

ConX® components are mass customized to architectural specifications at the ConXtech manufacturing facility in Hayward, California or by a ConX Certified Fabricator/Erector.

Components are sequentially delivered to the building site, where they are staged briefly or hoisted immediately into the building as required.

Quick and easy assembly

ConX components are quickly and easily assembled on-site by ironworkers. Typically, 3,000 sf. of gross floor area of ConXR, and 10,000 sf. of gross floor area of ConXL can be assembled per day. The ConX System is designed to create not only a more efficient workflow for the actual assembly of the structure, but also to make the sections of the building accessible to follow-on trades (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing etc.) very early in the construction process. For example, vertical sections of a three-story commercial building in the 100,000 square foot range can be ready for follow-on trades in the second or third week of construction.